Purchasing Factors

The age old question…is price the most important factor when you are deciding to buy?  What really makes you buy?  At Ophthalmic Equipment Resources, we want to discuss other factors that we believe are as important to you and your business as the price itself is.
First, are you set on purchasing only new equipment or are you open to exploring used options.  There are many pre-owned options and many pre-owned equipment providers, but weeding out the good from the bad can be a daunting task.

Let’s go through some of the key points to consider before you make your buying decision.


Warranty. Warranty really means “service after the sale” to us, but it might be different for other providers.  Anybody can say warranty, but does the provider really stand behind what they deliver?  Do they have a qualified service department?    Do they offer field service?  Do they have to send everything out to get fixed?  The initial price they offer on pre-owned may seem very attractive at the time of purchase, but if the equipment needs repair down the road, providers that do NOT do their own repairs will end up costing you more.

Think about this, how quickly  do you get a call back when you are wanting to purhcase verses when you need something repaired?  Service after the sale should always be as important to the provider as their initial sale was.  This is something to consider when you are talking to your potential provider.   We freely offer references that attest to our service after the sale.  Do not hesitate to ask for references either.

Appearance. Appearance can have a lot of faces in the pre-owned market.  We deliver as close to new as possible.  Is this worth paying for?  The price may be great, but if it looks terrible and makes a poor reflection of your business in your office, then the price certainly wasn’t that great.  You should purchase from dealers who are proud of their equipment and stand behind the items they deliver.  Don’t overlook discussing this with your potential equipment providers.  This is another area that you might want to consider calling their references and asking about.

Reliability. What happens in the service department prior to delivery will likely impact the equipments’reliability.  Do they recondition or do they just wipe off the dirt?  What do they do to recondition your equipment prior to delivery?  Know what you’re buying…be sure to ask about this important part of your purchase.

Repairability. Can the item being sold be repaired down the road?  Will parts still be available if it breaks down later?  Ask your provider how they would handle this situation.

Service After The Sale. Whether you are purchasing from an in-state provider or not, you should know their policies on handling your service needs.  This is especially important if they do business outside of your state.  How quickly can they get to you if you have a piece of equipment that needs service?  What will they do for you if you simply don’t like how a piece of equipment operates once you’ve had it for a week or two?  These are all important things for you to consider before buying.

In conclusion, we know price matters.  We also know, however, from years of supporting the ophthalmic industry with pre-owned equipment that the other factors we have discussed are important too.  We hope this has been informative and helpful.